Clinical Research

Mocasa Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art medical spa and clinical research facility established to promote developments and advancements in the diagnosis, treatment, and care for the body and mind. Besides high-quality clinical research, our medical center also provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including injectables, chemical peels, microneedling, and vitamin infusions. We encourage you to reach out for more information or to enroll as study volunteers.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate the research and development of high-quality therapeutics to meet our clients’ dynamic needs while ensuring timely responsiveness.
  • Leverage existing knowledge and experience to yield stellar results and achieve the clients’ goals while ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Work with the clients as partners, sharing their visions, goals, and successes.
  • Provide the highest standards of clinical research and education.

About Mocasa Wellness Center

Mocasa Wellness Center was founded in 2016 by Lisbeth Sanchez and her team of medical professionals, including orthopedic surgeons, osteopathic surgeons, and registered nurse practitioners. Lisbeth Sanchez is a CPR, AED, and GCP-certified Registered Pharmacy Technician with more than 5 years of experience in the research industry.

Lisbeth founded Mocasa Wellness Center to support the medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, helping them meet their responsive clinical research needs and expedite drug approval by the Federal Drug Administration. We employ numerous physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers as study coordinators for clinical trials.

Mocasa Wellness Center also has access to a broad demographic of multi-ethnic patients motivated to participate in clinical research studies. We have a comprehensive community outreach program to draw subjects of all ages interested in clinical research programs. Our efforts include newspaper advertisements, online efforts, telemarketing, press releases, and presentations at assisted living facilities, schools, and other venues.

Office Description

  • 2100 square feet of total space
  • Lobby with HD TV and Wifi access
  • Alarm and security cameras equipped 24/7
  • 6 private examination rooms
  • Secure temperature-controlled and double-lock drug room
  • Spacious, double-lock equipped laboratory
  • Secure records storage room
  • Conference room
  • Research coordinators working area
  • Doctor’s office
  • Lunch area
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Waiting area


  • Refrigerated and ambient Centrifuges
  • -20 ºC freezer
  • -70 ºC freezer
  • Medical/Lab refrigerator
  • Backup generator
  • Crash cart defibrillator
  • Crash cart with required emergency medications
  • On-site laboratory
  • Scale with height rod
  • Calibrated ECG machine
  • Manual and electronic blood pressure units
  • Oximeter blood oxygen saturation monitor
  • Digital thermometers

Contact Us Today

Mocasa Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art clinical research facility led by expert clinical research coordinators, surgeons, and registered nurse practitioners. We are also enrolling study volunteers of all ages for clinical research studies to investigate various treatments. Our highly accessible facility is a short 10-minute drive from the Miami International Airport and major city hospitals and less than 5 minutes from major highways, such as 836 Expressway and Interstate 95 (I-95).

For more information, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our medical facility in Miami, FL.

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